Terms and conditions
Please read all the terms and conditions before applying for Your Career Strategy Program.
We want to make working together a seamless process, so we’ve laid out our terms and conditions as simply as possible below.

All new clients agree to these terms when engaging with our workshops and our team of coaches at Your Career Strategy. 


For individuals - we take online payments for all major credit cards via the payment processor Stripe (a 2.9% admin fee applies which is included in the price of the workshop series and bundles).

To participate in our workshop series or in one-to-one coaching, we require payment 3 business days in advance of commencing. 

Attendance, Cancellations, and Refunds


Attendance is mandatory at all scheduled workshops due to the group-based activities in each session requiring you to work both with the entire group of participants as well as within your designated group.

If you are unable to attend a workshop session due to an extenuating circumstance, you should email coaching@yourcareerstrategy.com at least 24-hours prior denoting your reason for missing the session and let your designated small group know you will not be in session. Although your facilitators will do their best to consistently record and send out the recording with each workshop recap, the delivery of a recording is not guaranteed.

The dates and expectations of workshop attendance were agreed upon before committing to purchasing the workshop package; therefore, we will not be offering any refunds for the purchased workshops. We have limited seats for each workshop series and once that seat is accepted, you take full responsibility for showing up and committing to your investment.

You should think of this investment in a similar manner as if you were to enroll in a masters program at any university. When you miss a class, you are responsible for contacting the professor for information on what you missed and for reaching out to classmates for additional insights on the lesson. Also as with a university degree program, if you need to withdraw for extenuating circumstances, you will be offered a seat in the next available session. We will not offer refunds due to withdrawals for extenuating circumstances.

1-1 Coaching Sessions

You may cancel or change your coaching session up to 48 hours prior to that session’s start time.

Canceling or postponing within 48 hours of your next session will result in you losing the cost and benefits of that session.

If you are not satisfied with your coaching experience after your first session with your coach, you can share your concerns with coaching@yourcareerstrategy.com and if you need to be re-matched with a suitable coach we can arrange that.

If you speak with our team and still feel coaching isn’t for you, we can refund you for the remainder of your unused sessions. A cancellation fee of $100 will be applied.

You will be charged for the sessions you’ve used in the first 30 days or any you’ve canceled within 48 hours of the agreed time of your next appointment and we will refund you the remainder. 

Preparation and Expectations


You will be expected to have all of the pre-work completed prior to the first workshop of the series as well as all take-home and group assignments completed before the start of the next workshop or peer group meeting.

Budget three to six hours each week to focus on the exercises and come prepared to openly share your discoveries with your designated peer group. 

1-1 Coaching Sessions

You and your coach will be setting actions to take at the end of each session, which means those actions should be completed and ready to discuss before your next meeting. It is not the Coach’s responsibility to send you session notes, so please take note of your actions and goals to keep track of your coaching journey to fully maximize the value. 

Growth Mindset Policy

Your Career Strategy commits to doing our best to only admit program participants who operate with positive intent, who demonstrate a growth mindset, and who genuinely care about the success of others as well as their own outcomes. The Growth Mindset Policy is our code of conduct. Participants are expected to behave in a collaborative, supportive, and respectful manner toward all stakeholders. Your Career Strategy reserves the right to dismiss any participants who fail to adhere to this policy.

Adding-on Additional 1-1 Coaching Sessions

If you require additional 1-1 Coaching Sessions outside of the package deal of 4 sessions upon completion of the workshop series you can email coaching@yourcareerstrategy.com and request ad hoc sessions.


Our clients’ successes are directly dependent upon the effort, commitment and diligence they put into their job search strategies. Outcomes and successes are affected by many external variables including market volatility, local, national, and global economies, market saturation for a particular industry, and a client’s level of experience, adaptability to workforce changes, skill sets, or continued motivation. We do not guarantee job placement, nor employment success.

By participating in our skill building workshops, you agree to hold us harmless for any job search outcomes.

We strongly encourage active client participation in this process to achieve the best outcome possible for all concerned.

We do offer a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy. We will work tirelessly in pursuit of the complete satisfaction with the services we deliver. 


It is your responsibility to be on time for each workshop and each coaching session.

Please notify your coach if you will be late for a 1-1 session. If you are more than 10 minutes late without notifying your coach, that session will be counted as completed and deducted from your remaining 1-1 sessions in your package. 

Session Expiration

For best results, we recommend you see your coach weekly or bi-weekly. Momentum is the key to coaching success, which is why frequent sessions are important to achieve results.

Remaining coaching sessions in your package will expire if unused within 90-days of commencing your 1-1 coaching program. 

Client Confidentiality

All information you share with Your Career Strategy, from the very first inquiry to your post-workshop and coaching feedback is treated confidentially.

Whether you’re dealing with our sales and support team or our coaches and facilitators, we value your privacy above all and ensure your privacy is protected.

Our coaching team keeps an internal tracker of each session and each client's progress, which may be shared with the senior coaching team for continual supervision, feedback, and quality control. 

Discovery calls may be recorded for training and quality purposes.

Workshop video recordings will be used for internal coach training and shared only with the participants in your cohort. 

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree not to share these recordings and workshop materials publicly.

Privacy Policy

Your data is kept confidential at all times and is of the utmost importance to the team at Your Career Strategy. Our business is based on protecting client confidentiality and managing sensitive personal information.

No personal information that is provided to us will be shared with any third party. We may send occasional marketing emails to update you of relevant services you have shown interest in. You reserve the right to unsubscribe at any time from any email sent. 

3rd Party + Internal Data Privacy Policy

We record initial communications with Your Career Strategy through our CRM system and parts of our workshops and coaching sessions via Zoom to be shared internally with the coaching team and your fellow workshop participants. We record minimal data on 1-1 sessions and workshops, which are only viewable by your coaches through a password protected internal coaching tracker. We use Gmail for email communication and use Stripe as our secure payment system.

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